Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. James Culver

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oCCult · 4

Late Dunwhich Campaign Jim Culver deck revolving around the use of Grotesque Statue and Scavenging recursion, using Jewel of Aureolus for resource generation and draw power.

Using the 2 Preposterous Sketches and 2 Laboratory Assistant allows us to have some consistent draw power early game, and while not particularly efficient, allows us to thin the deck out enough to get to our necessary assets, the Statue and Jewel. Extra XP was dumped into 2 Emergency Cache for the bonus card draw, futher allowing us to draw and thin out the deck. I started with 1 copy of Scavenging, thinking to drop an XP to pull another in later on, but realized with the amount of draw power, i'd usually see my one copy by the time i ripped the 4th token of Grotesque Statue. Alyssa is here for the +1 to Intellect, allowing us to investigate low shroud locations, saving the charges on our Rite of Seeking. I initially started with 2 Shrivelling, upgrading 1 and removing the other for a Song of the Dead, which i have been pretty happy with, except even with Grotesque statue, and Jim's ability, the extra damage is still unreliable, still you're given 5, 5 Willpower combat tests with it at 1 less cost than shrivelling, with no chance to lose the sanity on the check. I'm not entirely sure i would include it if i played again, but thinking about it i might actually miss it.

The rest of the cards are, at the moment, your basic staples. Drawn to the Flame for the charge conservation on Rite of Seeking, Ward of Protection, for the obvious. 1 Copy of Flashlight that can also be recurred with Scavenging.

I was surprised to see just how easy it is to get ahead with this deck, and by the last scenario, alongside Zoey, i felt almost unbeatable as Jim once my full kit was out, which again, is quite easy with all the card draw. While the Seeker cards included aren't exactly the most efficient, they are quickly able to get the job done, as the hit to resources isn't much of a problem once Jewel of Aureolus is out.

In the opening hand, i will typically toss back Alyssa Graham and dig for the Laboratory Assistant, as i will usually see her quite soon regardless. I prefer getting all of my opening cards to be draw power, so i can easily get the engine rolling.

you want your Grotesque Statue, Jewel of Aureolus and Scavenging ASAP.


Feb 15, 2018 Django · 2534

If you want Scavenging so much, would it be better to replace one Laboratory Assistant with a second Scavenging?

Or add 2x the phone so can return Laboratory Assistant to your Hand (maybe find the other one) and Play her again??

Feb 15, 2018 oCCult · 4

i did consider Calling in Favors, as well as the seconds scavenging, which again, i added 1 originally then decided to not add a second, because once you start playing with the deck, you see 1 or 2 of the grotesque statues before or at the same time as you see scavenging usually. if i'm able to get the statue out i have 4 charges in it which usually will last 2 or 3 turns, and by that time i will usually see either another Statue or my Scavenging. Meanwhile i find that i actually really like having the Lab Assistant for the damage soak, although sometimes i usually only play 1 of her, it's still nice to have that bonus +2 cards sometimes, especially with Jewel of Aureolus in play providing even more draw power or resource generation depending on what i need at that time.

the deck isn't perfect, but how it's set up now, i got a pretty amazing flow going on with it, and i feel like it's incredibly reliable. the XP i used up to this point could've been used better as well as the initial 5 cards, but i'm hoping people will try this and see how strong it is, tweak it however you feel necessary.