Cost: 1.
Test Icons:

^Wähle eine Verbündeter-Vorteilskarte im Ablagestapel eines beliebigen Spielers. Bringe diese Vorteilskarte unter deiner Kontrolle ins Spiel. Falls diese Vorteilskarte am Ende der Runde noch im Spiel ist, lege sie ab.

David Auden Nash
Wo das Verderben wartet #270.
Eine zufällige Begegnung
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • As long as the card has the potential to change the game state, you can begin the initiation sequence. Then, if an attack of opportunity is triggered and that changes the way you want the card’s effect to be resolved, so be it! That is perfectly legal. So, if you play Emergency Aid (with one damaged player or ally in play) and an attack of opportunity deals damage to your Guard Dog, you can then use Emergency Aid’s effect to heal the Guard Dog. You are able to do this because Emergency Aid did have the potential to change the game state before the attack of opportunity occurred (because Morgan was damaged). If, hypothetically speaking, no characters in play were damaged at the time you began playing Emergency Aid, then it would have no potential to change the game state and it would immediately abort the process before the card is even played. The same is true if you, for example, used A Chance Encounter to bring an ally back from your discard pile, and triggered an attack of opportunity that ended up defeating a different ally; you could then use A Chance Encounter to bring that ally back instead of the original one.

  • "Does the restriction on 'giving' signature cards to other investigators in the FAQ apply to cards that don't say 'give'? For example, could I use A Chance Encounter to retrieve Duke from "Ashcan" Pete's discard pile and put him into play for me for a turn?" A signature card should not be allowed to be under the control of any investigator other than the investigator named on the card. So, for example, you could not use A Chance Encounter to retrieve Duke from Ashcan Pete’s discard pile if you were playing an investigator other than Ashcan Pete.
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