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XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Max 1 committed per skill test.

While Brute Force is committed during a basic fight action, it gains and the text: "If this test is successful by 2 or more, this attack deals +2 damage."

Lukas Banas
A Thousand Shapes of Horror #166.
Brute Force

Edit: more detail.

There is a slew of characters that can dependably land any sort of skill test they desire, often via judicious skill use and test manipulation like Lucky! or Live and Learn. For them landing a Brute Force is child's play, even from a startpoint of just 1 or 2 base . Its even easier for the characters starting at 3 or 4.

Silas Marsh particularly can thread the needle and land 3 damage on every Brute Force he plays.

Static buffs, skill cards or Cornered will greatly help land the bonus damage too. Also give extra consideration to it in latter campaigns, where 3 health foes are more commonplace.

Brute Force can be a brilliant backup or addition to a deck that fights with 2 damage weapons (most 1 hand weapons), if you cant find a weapon the punch can tide you over and you can use it to nail an odd-health foe in less actions then a 2-damage weapon would. It can save a bullet and it costs no resources!

Tsuruki23 · 1128
It's a great splash option for Tony Morgan since it enables other "succeed by"s, and I quite enjoy it for William Yorick in solo but probably would've take it in multi. — StyxTBeuford · 2057
wouldn't've * contractions are hard — StyxTBeuford · 2057
Minh with Dream Diary. Wendy with Trial by Fire. Preston with Well Connected/Money Talks. Rita with good old Overpower. It might be more for evade-first solo gators or funky cluevers and require some combo work but it's an excellent card that will see a ton of burn. — housh · 100
I agree with the comments here; generally, converting several actions into one is great. Converting several Fight actions into one is extremely great because the devs seem to value Fight actions higher than any other. Dedicated fighters will have better options with greater reliability, but evaders and support characters can run this as their "I have one way to fight if I need it" card and it doubles as help for the tank. Very strong. — SGPrometheus · 250
Most weapons deal 2 damage, so options to remove 3 or other odd hp stuf is quite useful. — Django · 2722

put this card in "Ashcan" Pete's deck

combo with duke ability

basically a super version of vicious blow (2)

more icon and more space for other class card

just one exp

so fucing op

now we dont have to chose between Inspiring Presence and vicious blow

This doesn't combo with Duke. A basic fight action is a fight action you take without activating any card. Activating Duke's ability is activating a card. — Yenreb · 3
Yeah, a basic fight action would be Ashcan fighting at base combat 2 (plus other constant boosts like Jessica Hyde if he has any). Using a weapon or any asset (including Duke) or event with the Fight keyword is no longer a basic fight action. Therefore Brute Force is a pretty bad Ashcan card. Silas and Tony on the other hand love it. — StyxTBeuford · 2057
but duke ability is only changing your base value,doesent that mean you are still perform a basic fight? — icanflysohigh · 1
No, it's a basic action only if you're not using another card to initiate it. Like a basic investigate action: Using Flashlight would not count as a basic investigate action. — StyxTBeuford · 2057
why duke ability isnt +2 attack and +1 damage ? — icanflysohigh · 1
like normal asset? — icanflysohigh · 1
When you use Duke you are using the action abilities on him. He has an Investigate action and a Fight action. Because these are actions written on a card, they are not basic. It's only basic if you initiate it yourself, aka without using a card action. — StyxTBeuford · 2057
@icanflysohigh Because Duke isn't a weapon Pete is using to enhance his abilities (bonus to base stat). Duke is doing the fighting himself (separate base stat). If you boost Pete's base stats directly (e.g. The Red Gloved Man, Trial by Fire) Duke's fighting ability doesn't change. — Yenreb · 3
This is basically a get out of jail card if you ,run out of baseball bats or lanterns to chuck and the monster still has one or two damage points left. Fisticuffs as the title suggests. — bern1106 · 2