XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Trage diese Karte nur zu einer Fertigkeitsprobe bei, die du durchführst, und nur, falls die Schwierigkeit dieser Probe höher als dein Grundfertigkeitswert ist.

Der Situation gewachsen bekommt +X -Symbole, wobei X die Differenz zwischen deinem Grundfertigkeitswert und der Schwierigkeit dieser Probe ist (bis zu einem Maximum von +3 -Symbolen).

Clark Huggins
Rückkehr zu: Das Vermächtnis von Dunwich #10.
Der Situation gewachsen


The card text here basically boils down to: Attempt nearly any test you're normally bad at, with a +2 advantage.

4 Difficulty treachery hitting your Silas Marsh? Guts + Rise to the Occasion for a total advantage of +4!

4 Difficulty test for Ashcan? Commit Rise to the Occasion + Perception for a total advantage of +4!

3 Difficulty test for Wendy? Rise to the Occasion + Baseball Bat for a total advantage of +4!

Even if you cut out all those other cards, Rise to the Occasion still lets you attempt tests you're normally bad at with a +2 advantage, this is most important for those forced scenario tests and unique treacheries that just gotta go, I speak off the Locked Door, Frozen in Fear, that kind of stuff.

In my opinion this card is alright by me, and downright great in a Silas Marsh deck.

Tsuruki23 · 2104
Let's say you're using Calvin Wright, and it's a 4 difficulty test. You'll get +2 from the icons, and another +3 from the ability, for a total of +5 — Yusei1Fudo · 1
Super fun card in City of Archives :) — Quilzar · 5
If you copied this with Copycat, you would be at a +3 advantage. — Zinjanthropus · 176

This is like doping but it's legal.

For this skill card, is the minimum. And all it asks of you is to be utterly screwed, which is like the core mechanic of the game. If you are really out of your element, it gives you

Say, a guardian friend is about to Teamwork all his possessions away, drench himself in ketchup and throw himself at the abominable monstrosities to buy your team one or 2 more turns. Now you're a low combat survivor with a Shotgun. Enter this card. You're at least 5 over the next fight test. 2 above the enemies fight value from rise of the occasion and 3 more from the shotgun itself(Well in theory. Who plays teamwork and shotgun?)

Either way, if you played Arkham and lost a scenario or three, you'll know what it's like when the situation goes totally out of control. Last clue location got Obscuring Fog; Vast Expanse threatens to drive you insane; one enemy too many spawned and needs to be exhausted with evasion; when the situation goes tits up, you just have Rise to the Occasion.

Mataza · 16
yeah, this card is really good! just looking at it, it seems like why would you be doing a test that you're not good at, but it actually happens all the time! — Zinjanthropus · 176
I honestly am not a fan of this card most of the time, but it’s super valuable with Calvin. This count base value, and all of Calvin’s base values are 0, so this can often be 5 pips (any 3 or higher difficulty test). So 5 plus your modified skill value (eg damage or horror and other boosts). — StyxTBeuford · 12538