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MicNic · 287

How quickly can you install two Crystalline Elder Sign and a Dark Horse?

Run Lola, run!

The only reason doom obliterates the six-stat-superstar you were born to be... is that you might spend too much time reaching for those dizzying heights.

  1. Only accept the very best parts on offer (hard mulligan your 7 card starting hand for Crystalline Elder Signs and Dark Horse).

  2. Dabble in a weird purple role to bank assets, and then never visit that “arthouse” part of your career again.

  3. Be your own agent, switch to Seeker, and draw like your life depends on it (it does)!

  4. Develop a reputation for hard method-acting and pretend to be extremely competent as a Rogueish Survivor.

  5. Watch out for your creepy fan (Accursed Follower), and don’t run out of time (Chronophobia)!

Run Lola, run!

And if all else fails, you could always play a well-optimised Mark Harrigan deck instead. Coward.


Mar 01, 2021 SolarJ · 320

Two crystalline elder signs! That's bravado, bravo!

Mar 01, 2021 mattastrophic · 1896

I like it.

Mar 01, 2021 Phoenixbadger · 158

I really like Lola, very underrated in terms of fun to play (not necessarily easy). Totally agree that skills and events are the way to maximise her versatility and minimise the issues. I realy love that crystalline elder sign / dark horse pairing! She turns into a near-death Calvin Wright, but doesn't need the health management cards!

Not one for a 4-player (or even 2 player!) campaign with those two nice tokens removed! I guess the next upgrade could be Another Day, Another Dollar to further improve what looks to be an incredibly fast start (and chances of playing two of Crystalline Elder Sign and Dark Horse)?

Lola having access to all the 3-xp permanent cards opens up so many options and reduces her deckbuilding restrictions too. Higher Education; Streetwise and/or Scrapper would be great options for spending resources to enable the Dark Horse bonus.

I'd like to play this deck. I see nicely that you have used 19XP and one additional weakness, so its already compliant with a standalone investigator build. Nice!

Mar 01, 2021 mythosmeeple · 315

I love it.

Mar 01, 2021 MicNic · 287

Thanks for the kind messages folks!

You're quite right @SolarJ; the bravado of a thespian superstar!

This deck was inspired by a recent Calvin run in which he consistently maxed out his stats and was amazing throughout (though, obviously rather dependent on the scenario: “can someone please let me into the Miskatonic Museum?”)

For maximum pop, I think you're right @Phoenixbadger, you do want to go Another Day, Another Dollar. I think loading up with all the static boosts may be too many weaknesses to handle though, given the intense Seeker card draw engine! Either way, there's a lot of fun to discover with Lola around the "bank your static boosts and stay away from their class" concept of building. Crisis of Identity goes from disaster to wasted card draw if it has no targets!

This Lola is definitely too highly strung for other investigators to hang out with, but working out how to get her from 0XP to this in a solo campaign will be a fun puzzle!

Mar 01, 2021 MicNic · 287

(and by "loading up with all the static boosts" I meant "Permanent cards that wrack up your XP costs)

Mar 02, 2021 Django · 3498

I had a similar lola deck. Mr. "Rook" helped immensely to filter out Crisis of Identity.

Add 1x Timeworn Brand for combat and some Backpacks to get your items out quicker.

Granny Orne also works as another dark horse once Crisis of Identity is out. She and Lucky! 3 are also amazing team support (add Resourceful).

Mar 12, 2021 TWWaterfalls · 729

How has this deck performed?

I feel frustration looking at it. The Seeker cards give a big boost to finding your key cards but no soak and the desire to stay at 0 resources for Dark Horse but having several events that need 1-2R. Perhaps swap Preposterous Sketches for Lab Assistant. You lose 1 card but gain a little soak.

I really like the Sharp Vision and Brute Force addition to the deck.

My latest deck for True Solo (unplayed) is using the Dreameaters Mystic events, Rogue and Seeker. (Mag Glass) and get boosts with Crystalline Elder Sign and Seeker/Guardian Tarots using Anna Kaslow. She can get clues, evade and if needed kill (Knife). 19XP gets me Easy Mark, Crystalline Elder Sign and Anna Kaslow plus 4 tarots.

Mar 29, 2021 Benwobbles · 7

Isn't Dark Horse limited to one per player?

Mar 29, 2021 Django · 3498

The limit means you can have only 1 in play but you can have 2 in your deck for higher chances of drawing it.

Mar 29, 2021 Benwobbles · 7

Ohhhh, because it's not unique, you could theoretically stack it if it didn't say that?

Well, gosh darn it to heck. My Dark Horse decks are now going to be just that much better.

May 12, 2021 LeFricC'estChic · 80

@DjangoBut drawing Crisis of Identity with Mr. "Rook" discard your Mr. "Rook", doesn't it ? So how did you play it ? Minimal search and then maximal for the last one(s) ?

May 12, 2021 Django · 3498

I don't care as long as crisis is out. Bonus if you can get both with 1 search (you can target a weakness with rooks first search as well). Or target your basic weakness if you only have 1 crisis.