Tony Morgan The Bounty Hunter! (Deck Guide)

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roei17172 · 26

Hello everyone! this is my first guide for arkham horror the card game.

This Tony Morgan deck was used in the innsmouth conspiracy campaign for 2 investigator run on standard difficulty, filling the Enemy Specialist role alongside Ursula Downs as the Clue Specialist.

The (Rogue ) class had a great arsenal of weapons for a long time but couldent reach its full potential because of low to avarage (combat ) investigators pool.

Tony Morgan unlocks (Rogue ) weapons full potential simply by having a base Combat () stat of 5!

Deck role: Enemy Specialist.

Choosing (Guardian ) as your secondary class will make you good at one thing and that's destroying all enemies.

Notable Guardian cards:

  • "Get over here!" - can be used to quickly deal with tony signature weakness Tony's Quarry and also help your allies deal with enemies from a connecting location.

  • Prepared for the Worst is a MUST have in this deck because you cant be Tony Morgan without a weapon or two in your hands.

  • Daring is excellent to secure fights and can also be used to evade (giving you 3 wild symbols ), also draws you a card.

  • Vicious Blow commits for 1 (combat ) and make you deal more damage to an enemy.

Fighting capability:

Tony Morgan high () gives him a very good chance of winning almost every fight test he takes, especially while fighting with the upgraded Switchblade that gives out +2 for the fights you inevitably going to do.

Enemies with low amount health (1-4 HP) has been easily dealt with. (Dead within 1 round)

Enemies with large amount of health (5-7 HP) can take about 2 rounds to kill but can still be killed within a single turn!

Enemies with massive amount of health (8+ HP) depends on high rolls with your Switchblade and Mauser C96.


Tony Morgan requires a large amount of resources but thanks to Bounty Contracts and Tony's .38 Long Colt giving you resources for targets marked with a bounty and Switchblade only costing 1 resource all that you need is 2x Faustian Bargain in your deck and you are set for the rest of the game.


Tony Morgan have 9 Health but only 5 Sanity making Lonnie Ritter a must have in his deck.

Lonnie Ritter ability makes perfect synergy with Leather Jacket healing damage from it while also healing horror from herself, and on top of that she also gives you +1 (Combat ) making you even stronger!


Always hard mulligan for a weapon, you will be useless without one! other than that some good cards to look for are: Prepared for the Worst, Faustian Bargain, Leo De Luca, Lonnie Ritter and Lucky Cigarette Case.

Upgrades (in order):

Other upgrade options:


This deck was alot of fun to play and did extremely well in the innsmouth conspiracy campaign, and im pretty sure that it will also do very good in other campaigns.

I hope this guide was helpfull and im gladly willing to hear more opinions about this first guide of mine and also deck for Tony Morgan!

Thanks for everyone reading this guide.


Sep 19, 2021 +DAGON+ · 1

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