Hot Fuzz Crime Machine (Standalone & Blob Ready)

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StartWithTheName · 22397



IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am not involved in the running of the worldwide blob. Please direct any question about it to the below link.

The regular Edinburgh Arkham LGC folk, including myself, have ran a couple of local Blob events recently and I typically make spare decks for newbies, or people without their own sets etc. With everyone indoors and a World Wide Blob on Table Top Simulator (TTS) in the planning (LINK HERE), I thought i would publish a few to help people interested in joining in.

THESE GUIDES ARE SPOILER FREE, and the decks are not specifically tailored for the Blob per se, but most have beaten it, and/or other standalones (Mainly Egypt and Hotel)at least once. They are at least designed to be easy to pilot, and resilient to certain Blob effects so no one has their core deck mechanic overly neutered by bad luck... unless its really bad luck ;)

The other decks can be found here





When the little hand tells Tommy its time to rock and roll, you know someone will be in bits tomorrow. He combines protecting and serving with real police work like Proper action and sht. When hes not upsetting apple carts and smashing peace lilies over heads, hes packing more firepower than a farmers mum!

This is probably not the best deck for completely newplayers, but those with a little experience will still have a ton of fun playing even if they dont see/use all the nuances. Hes a tenacious fighter and a solid tank that uses Solemn Vow to heal his comrades while feeding his economy engine and maintaining endless (usually 3 damage shots) from Becky. A ton of thematic burst damage options save bullets for later or tide you over until Becky can be found. Just remember to keep focusing damage/horror on a single asset at a time as Accidents happen all the time in the countryside


  • ROLE: ............................. Tank, Killer, and Passive Healer
  • COMPLEXITY: ................ Moderate.
  • THEMATIC FEEL: ........... Action Hero Cop


  • CLUEING: ....................... low, better late game
  • ENEMY HANDLING: ...... High damage
  • ENCOUNTER PROT: ...... Moderate
  • PHYSICAL DEFENCES: ... Very High
  • MENTAL DEFENCES: ..... High
  • TEAM SUPPORT: ........... Healer

STICK TO THE PLAN TARGETS: Flare, Ever Vigilant, & Custom Ammunition.

MULLIGAN TARGETS: Becky and Tetsuo Mori. If you got both, dig for Well Prepared & Safeguard -




Get Becky out fast. The one shot attacks cover until you find her, then to save ammo later. Between the mulligan, lots of draw, Tetsuo and Flare (to fetch Tetsuo if needed), you should easily be able to find Becky early. Until then Improv Weapon, Vicious Blow, Brute Force, Beat Cop (2), and Enchanted Blade will tide you over. These can also save ammo later letting you keep an empty Becky in play ready to reload.

Use Flare and Ever Vigilant to kickstart your economy, float 3 or 4 resources, then put everything else on Becky A penny saved is a bullet earned later in the game. Allies are expensive but can refund more than they cost to play. Those 1 penny discounts from Ever Vigilant go a long way, as do the install action savings. Unless you need Tetsuo for Becky, try to grab a Beat Cop with Flare, thats paying 2 to potentially earn 5 (plus 3 auto-damage pings).

Use your Vows to heal others and cash in your soaks. A little obvious, but important to the build. The faster you use your , the more cash and bullets you`ll have. The healing is a bonus. Note that you dont have to use Jessica Hydes self heal unless you want to. If you need the cash/bullets leave her full.

Spam Draw hard With your putting assets back into your deck, you need to draw to get them back. Self-Sacrifice can be used on any test, including benign ones like investigate actions, and Take Heart can usually be triggered by investigating a high shroud, or evading a high enemy without buffs. Encounter checks that deal damage you can soak are another good target. Enchanted Blade and Tetsuo also help draw/pseudo draw.

Stack stat boosters Lots of passive + allies help land Burst attacks, or exceed by X bursts, and Shots against high enemies. With Becky down, each Well Prepared can be +, +, +, or + once per turn. With both down thats potentially 6, 6, or 5 for 1 test, or basically encounter cover and minor cluing. Save Lucky! for encounter checks, particularly before you get them down.





Agency Backup/The Black Cat I left these out for theme reasons, but theyre both juicy targets for an early Flare. Adding one of these will probably cost you some Well Prepareds and/or Beat Cop (2)s, which will lower how high you can take your against large enemies so take care not to over nerf. Other options include downgrading to Enchanted Blade, or just going to 39xp and taking the extra weakness.

Do i really need Bandolier? If you are playing the Blob you will just have to trust me that you do. If playing a different stand alone, probably not.

Didnt you already do a Hot Fuzz based write up? Yes, but how was I to know they would release Tommy in the next big box, and that film has so many great one liners theres loads of spare material!


Apr 14, 2020 fractalhack · 1

hey, first off I wanna say I really love this deck and all the other work you've done on this forum. I'm pretty new to the game but there's a lot of subtlety and nuance to the deckbuilding mechanics and I really appreciate having some very well thought-out lists to work from while I'm working on my own ideas. With that in mind, do you have any thoughts about what direction you would take this list if you were looking to trim on required XP? It seems to me that a lot of the deck is interdependent and I wonder what you would consider the least important pieces

Apr 17, 2020 StartWithTheName · 22397

Sorry for the delayed reply @fractalhack, its certainly a tough one and i can find 6-9 ish cuts relatively easilly but that last 1 to make a full 10 is the hard bit.

Best I can come up with in rough order of priority:

  • 3xp - Enchanted Blade (3) (this was just using up some spare xp and draw/healing is nice). You want a stopgap Tetsuo tutorable weapon, but that could easilly be any other weapon like the lvl 0 Enchanted Blade
  • 2xp - Safeguard Its just in there as some pure good stuff action saving. Its pricey to cut efficiency wise, but its not part of the bigger engine per se.
  • 4xp - Well Prepareds -> some sort of other encounter protection. So big wild skill cards like Take the Initiative/Unexpected Courage. Wild is important as it sures up the option to go big on combat in a pinch if needed especially for bursts like Brute Force/Improvised Weapon. it also reduces your cluing, but Winging It could be imported instead possibly.
  • 1xp - Jessica Hyde - swap for a Guard Dog. You lose some team healing, but you have other options. You`ll miss the buff more.

But you may be wincing when reading this like i was when i was writing it, so you may begin so see why i settled at 29xp rather than 19 :)