Invincible Jim (Recycling Grotesque Statue): Straight Mystic

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Invincible Jim (Recycling Grotesque Statue Deck) 176 146 18 1.0
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The Grim Jim 6 7 0 2.0

FBones · 9122

This is a pure-mystic version of the previous Invincible Jim deck. Instead of using Milan, it uses Leo and relies on Rite of Seeking or Flashlight+Perception to recycle the items.

This deck is also intended to be very defensive/protective. It has several cheap assets you can play on your first turn to avoid a painful Crypt Chill or Pushed into the Beyond eating Leo on round 2.

It is intended to work with Roland as main attacker. The Overpower and Unexpected Courage are mostly to help him.

As you gain experience, you can convert one Rabbit's Foot to a second Scavenging.

Your xp buys are:

  1. Grotesque Statue
  2. Grotesque Statue
  3. Jewel of Aureolus
  4. Convert Rabbit's Foot to Scavenging
  5. Mind Wipe (Optional)
  6. Bulletproof Vest
  7. Shrivelling (or Shrivelling)

The cards to remove are (in whatever order makes sense) 2x Delve Too Deep, Painkillers, Overpower, Fine Clothes


Aug 31, 2017 LarryHo-Teep · 1


Ok, I do like this deck. It seems to be less powerfull then the other one, but it is a good thing to start from. I have a question. Why Leo De Luca? Is he much better then, say, Alyssa Graham? Thanks!

Aug 31, 2017 FBones · 9122

@LarryHo-Teep, Leo De Luca is probably the best ally in the game. Having an extra action every round is extremely useful.

The reason I wanted Leo De Luca in this particular deck is that I was finding that I was using lots of turns just replaying the Grotesque Statue (or other items) after Scavenging them. I got addicted to using Grotesque Statue because it is so nice on Hard, but that means lots of actions being used (re)playing the statue, reducing the actions you had to actually get things done.

On Standard difficulty, it may not be as important as you can save your Grotesque Statue for just the harder skill tests. In that case the other deck is probably better.

Aug 31, 2017 LarryHo-Teep · 1

I do like te low cost of this deck Dr. Milan Christopher does not seem to be too needed here.

Aug 31, 2017 FBones · 9122

One thing that helps here is that you are getting several clues from Drawn to the Flame, so a single Rite of Seeking is typically enough.

However, just getting 1x Leo De Luca and 1x Rite of Seeking is 10 resources right there. So I have found myself needing to use turns to replenish my stash. That is not too big of a deal because Leo De Luca gives you extra turns, but it is much nicer when you get the resources from Jewel of Aureolus instead.

In a 3-person game, Jewel of Aureolus and Jim's Trumpet are going to be very nice!

Aug 31, 2017 guybrush · 3

Doesn't it cost experience to "convert" rabbits foot to scavenging? Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought adding lvl0 cards always costs 1xp.

Aug 31, 2017 FBones · 9122

@guybrush, yes, it does cost 1xp to convert, but I've generally found Rabbit's Foot useful on Hard difficulty until you get the Grotesque Statue.

At 0xp, there are not a lot of items to use Scavenging on, so in the early scenarios I do not want to have 2x Scavenging in the deck, as dead cards are to be avoided.

On Standard difficulty, Rabbit's Foot is not nearly as good---and you might consider "Look what I found!" on earlier scenarios instead.

Sep 04, 2017 Django · 2534

Not sure if i'm missing something, but why no second Jewel of Aureolus? I know oyu can only have one in game, but you can have 2 in your deck, for greater consistancy.

What about Forbidden Knowledge for more ressorces? Jim's Trumpet should heal sanity later?

Sep 04, 2017 FBones · 9122

@Django, with infinite xp, a second Jewel of Aureolus would be fine, but in later scenarios you are going to need Jim packing more heat, so I think it is better to get the more powerful Shrivelling or Shrivelling. Also, after you have bought the other stuff, I find it harder and harder to find things I want to cut from the deck to make room for a new card.

With regard to Forbidden Knowledge, the sad reality is that the trumpet is not reliable... sometimes it will show up, sometimes it won't. And when I do have it I'd rather not have to heal both Roland Banks and Jim Culver.

The whole question will soon be moot once Uncage the Soul becomes available :)

Sep 04, 2017 FBones · 9122

Just a note that you do want to add a second Jewel of Aureolus, I'd probably ditch the single Arcane Initiate.

You might try putting in a Forbidden Knowledge and see how it goes... perhaps I'm over-estimating the danger since getting a few extra resources from that rather than having to use actions to get them might speed up the scenarios enough where Jim is not in lots of danger.

Let me know how it goes if you try it out.

Sep 05, 2017 Django · 2534

I modified your deck, but i'm not sure if i'll ever play it.

With mystics, i always end up with too many assets in my deck, so the deck is too slow. Even with 1 Holy Rosary in play, i can't consistently investigate shroud 4 with Rite of Seeking.

Sep 05, 2017 FBones · 9122

Shroud 4 locations can be tough, but they can generally be handled by Drawn to the Flame or having Roland get the clues by killing an enemy or by using Working a Hunch.

Do note, though, that everything chances once you have a grotesque statue. At that point just having a Guts or some combination of power ups to get up to 6 (5 on Standard) is sufficient to reliably investigate. If you are 6 versus 4 using Grotesque statue, you are about 90% successful on a Hard chaos bag.

Sep 15, 2017 LarryHo-Teep · 1


I played with your deck yesterday, first adventure of The Dunwich Legacy. I can say we were happy with the outcome, even if the Encounter Deck kicked me in the balls a few time early in the game, and now have 6 points to spend. The deck played nice, always having some nice cards to play. I understand now why Leo De Luca is so useful and now, I have a Grotesque Statue for next session.

Good job!

Sep 28, 2017 ilza · 1

Interesting deck, how would you change it now that for example Uncage the Soul is available?