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Vastvosau · 18

I made this deck for a 4 player campaign using 2 Cores, the full Dunwich campaign, and the deluxe expansion of Path to Carcosa. Our group had Zoey, Skids, and a Daisy. My buddy decided to take on the daunting challenge of making a Lola deck for clue gathering. After an evening of trying to comb through 5 classes of cards (all the scraps that were left over after we did our deckbuilding, because he is a selfless friend), he finished his deck but felt it wasn't optimal. This is my attempt at utilizing Lola's strength of class flexibility to make a deck specifically for investigating. Below are the other decks for our campaign featuring Zoey, Skids, and Daisy.

"Frailty" in a Nutshell - Zoey -

Cloak and Dagger Skids -

Support and Clue Daisy -

Building the Engine

The overall goal for this deck is to build up a clue gathering engine throughout each mission utilizing cards from Mystic, Survivor, and Seeker. With a strait stat line of 3's, Lola has some weaknesses to cover if she wants to be a viable member of any group. That is where cards with permanent stat bonuses come in like Alyssa Graham, Holy Rosary, and Dark Horse. Add in Magnifying Glass plus either Flashlight or Lantern, and Lola's engine is fully functional. That totals to 6 Intellect for investigating and either -1 or -2 shroud.

Until the Engine is Assembled. . .

Though there are some critical cards that are necessary to get Lola's engine running, the deck is built with intentional card draw through No Stone Unturned and Preposterous Sketches to find those oh-so-critical cards which turn her into a clue gathering machine! (pun intended. . . engine. . .machine. . . get it?)

Until Lola gets her engine up and running, there are cards that automatically draw clues, such as Drawn to the Flame, Working a Hunch, and Art Student. Plus, when investigating with a high risk of failure, cards like "Look what I found!" and Lucky! mitigate the chance of wasting an action.

Optional Card Replacements:

1 Emergency Cache
1 Unexpected Courage
1 Fieldwork
1 or 2 Leo De Luca
1 or 2 Scrying
1 or 2 Defiance
1 or 2 Laboratory Assistant
1 or 2 Leather Coat
1 or 2 Shortcut
1 or 2 Hiding Spot


Feb 09, 2019 sgtskeese · 1

Looks great, wow!

Some quick thoughts:

I'm not sure the Holy Rosaries will be well-used since there aren't any cards that she uses in this list that will require extra willpower. I do see that it's good to have regardless to combat those nasty treacheries, however.

I believe you're only allowed to have one Dark Horse per investigator.

Lastly, concerning our group, I think our Daisy deck has a few of these cards already taken so those may have to be replaced.

Feb 10, 2019 starslain · 2

the limit 1 per investigator is a limitation active only in play, it's to stop people getting both and having +2 to each stat, if it was limit 1 per deck it would have the keyword exceptional

Feb 11, 2019 Vastvosau · 18

@starslain you are correct. Dark Horse is able to have 2 copies in a player deck. @sgtskeese and I are 2 of the people playing in the 4 player campaign that this deck is for. He and I worked on another iteration of this Lola deck which has a "Plan B" of sorts for building a clue gathering engine, involving Rite of Seeking, which pairs well with Holy Rosary. I'll post the link to the deck below. I think you could go either way with these two decks, and Lola would be a glad contributor to the group.

Feb 12, 2019 Wolf · 4

Hello Vastvosau! I think you need to enable those other decks to be public/publish them to be viewable through links.

Feb 12, 2019 Vastvosau · 18

I would love to @wolf. How does one go about sharing decks? I thought I had done that. I'm fairly new to writing on this website. I have only read about decks so far.

Feb 12, 2019 Wolf · 4

It's the same as you did with this one. Click the deck you wanna publish and click on the blue Publish button. Then follow some steps to complete the publishing.

Feb 12, 2019 Vastvosau · 18

Try it now and see if you can find the decks

Feb 12, 2019 Wolf · 4

Yes, now it works! Welcome to this amazing site :)

Feb 13, 2019 slothgodfather · 7

In the 4-player game I used Lola in, I personally liked using Scrying for 2 of my Mystic cards, instead of the Rosary. This gives Lola 3 turns of draw without worrying about hitting her weakness OR you can arrange those cards to hit your weakness and choose what card you discard so you know what role the weakness will hit and what your next role will be. I never did upgrade it. Yes it eats up an action, but since it can save you all your assets I figured it was worth an action every 3 turns. Because of this, I often didn't use the Skill cards that drew additional cards because of how scared I was of her weakness. But that's just me. Plenty of others have apparently had success without using Scrying.

Note that when you upgrade - your permanent card DO count towards her 7 card requirements, so you can pick up Higher Learning, Streetwise, etc. and it still counts towards those roles.

If it is safe to assume that Skids isn't going to be picking up the Lock Picks as you upgrade, you could actually abandon the Survivor as your 3rd role and switch to Rogue. The reason I suggest this is it lets you keep Dark Horse with nearly zero likely hood of her weakness trashing it.

Going with Rogue doesn't offer a lot of clue gathering to start with but it does offer things like Double or Nothing, Quick Thinking, Backstab and Elusive. DoN is great for picking up an extra clue or for adding to your fighters attacks to deal extra damage to a boss. QT is great because it can be added to other investigator's actions as well as your own to gain you an extra action. Backstab can be a great damage dealer, though harder to pull off early game. Elusive is an amazing escape card to teleport away from a fight or just to skip a ton of move actions to gather clues elsewhere.

so - I just realized after I wrote all this about Rogue cards that your Skids deck DOES include a handful of those cards. I could delete it, but now it's just food for thought I guess. lol. You could still pick up the Lockpicks when you upgrade as you aren't restricted to 3 roles.

I did take a look at your Rite of Seeking version, which is also pretty cool. I'd definitely up scrying to 2x to protect your assets as you are very asset heavy. I'd also swap the Holy Rosary for St Hubert's Key as it gives you stats to both the skills you are trying to use.

Anyways - I'm definitely interested to hear how your Lola works out for you, she's easily my favorite investigator, and what your upgrade path is as you go along. If possible, please comment with your new upgraded decks as you go. Thanks! and sorry for the wall of text. This game makes me long winded.

Feb 19, 2019 veneretio · 128

@slothgodfatherDoesn't Alyssa already do what Scrying does, but a bit better since she's more aligned with the goals of the deck? I could see playing the upgraded version of Scrying in order to not have to pay actions, but I'm struggling with the level 0 version.

Feb 19, 2019 slothgodfather · 7

The reason I like scrying more is that you only get to use Alyssa's ability if you are already in the Mystic role, so it seems unreliable that you'd get to do it each turn. Using Scrying the spell, you play it and use it, and then you know what your next 3 draws are. So you can arrange them as you plan to use them and you can know you won't be hitting your weakness in 3 turns (assuming no extra drawing is done). So it is a lot safer/reliable, but it does eat up some actions.