High Frequency Harvey (Hard mode) [DECK GUIDE]

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lelel555 · 2586

Harvey was taking his typical, narcoleptic nap at his chair.
– Professor? – Mark nudged Harvey's shoulder.
– Uh?
– Professor?
– Ah, yes, yes…
– Is everything alright?
– Yes, my poor boy, I was just… – Harvey stopped speaking for a moment and started looking for something.
– Do you need anything, sir?
– Ah, yes, yes, yes. I need more of my cocaine, my boy.
– More what?
But Harvey wasn't already there. He was somewhere else, connecting the dots, cracking the case, lead by a hunch from a stone he was holding.

Winifred Habbamock by Aleksander Karcz. Copyright by FFG 2019

Credits: Aleksander Korcz, FFG'2019.

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  • Intro
  • Main Idea
  • Cards in The Deck
  • Upgrade Path
  • Mythos
  • Final Thoughts

1. Intro

This deck was a part of a campaign we played together with a friend. This was my first approach to play on hard. My friend was playing Mark Harrigan, which was our main fighter. I was our cluever, but when was needed I was slaughtering monsters like Anakin innocent babies in Jedi Temple. And therefore I would like to share this deck to you!

This deck isn't so easy to navigate to get its full potential. The ceiling is really high, but the floor is still good!

2. Main Idea

Main Idea was to DRAW and PLAY as many cards as possible. I didn't want to play a big hand deck, but a small hand deck. Therefore I included so many fast events. Thought process was like:

  • each card is supposed to give a positive effect on the gamestate
  • if I draw more cards and I have a potential to play more cards
  • therefore if I draw a lot of cards and I have time to play them, and I should get much ahead of the game. And it was a perfect shot!

Second Idea was to get Connect the Dots work. Let's face it, this card isn't generally good. Takes up a deck slot(s) and it is hard to get going consistently. If you draw 1-2 cards per turn, the probability you get it in the right time is relatively low. And if it blanks some significant part of your draw, then it's bad. But with a good draw you can plan for it. Also we were playing on a hard difficulty, so this also was a point. So I played combo

And this combo was online pretty much every typical turn.

3. Cards in The Deck

This deck consists of cards that are mainly self-explanatory, so I do not need to explain each and every card one-by-one. I just grouped them by their potential needs they can fulfill. Also note, that almost every card has an icon which is good for Grisly Totem (3).

Note: if you are a beginner, then please memorize and pre-compile all the cards you have in the deck, because you'll be having plethora of decisions to make. So if you're going to read a card for the first time during play, your teammates will be mad at you, because your turn will take 15 minutes. Have mercy for your friends.

3.1 Resources

You have plenty. Probably too many. Therefore you can upgrade Milan into Kirby if you have spare xp.

3.2 Card draw

Oh man, card draw is insane, especially after upgrades.

I'd say if you don't draw a card from Harvey's ability every turn… then please go and rethink your life.

3.3 Movement


3.5 Other tricks

  • Magnifying Glass is used mainly to boost your from the start and to discard empty Ancient Stone. Therefore consider upgrade to Magnifying Glass.
  • Deny Existence is for Thrice-Damned Curiosity. Weaknesses are encounter cards. And this one will give you some damage. Probably, if you actually need to cancel your weakness because you will die out of damage, your fighter isn't doing a good job.

3.4 Clue-vacuuming

Speed of getting clues is sufficient.

4. Upgrade Path

4.1 Core Upgrades

4.2 Luxury Upgrades

pretty anything by title you already have in the deck. Also consider buying

  • Ancestral Knowledge It allows a free trigger of Harvey's ability! Every turn! Right from the beginning. This card is so sick in Harvey! (EDIT: it won't trigger Harvey's ability, because the card must be drawn from his deck, not from below Ancestral Knowledge.)
  • Cryptic Research - if you think you have some sort of card-draw obsession.
  • Truth from Fiction (2) - for 1 action, 1 resource and 1 card you get 3 secrets on Ancient stone, so 3 potential movements in the future. So relatively what you pay is 1 action and 1 card with icons.
  • Jeremiah Kirby - since with the current taboo costs 2xp, I did not included him, but good ol' Milan. Also Kirby soaks 2+1 instead of typical 1+2, so it's much more relevant here.

5. Mythos and enemies

With 4 you are quite well protected, but you still have Guts. You also can defend yourself well from enemies:

6. Final Thoughts

Oh man, this deck was a blast! I love playing a lot of cards very often and still have options! It wasn't easy to navigate, but the reward was juicy!

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Nov 07, 2022 Hybrid92 · 1

Nice write-up! Do you think this deck could work in true solo?

Nov 07, 2022 lelel555 · 2586

I thought about true solo, @Hybrid92. And it possibly could. But not in every campaign. Fighting is so expensive here. So here fighting is only for self-sufficiency and boss clean-cut.

Thank you for a kind word! <3

Nov 08, 2022 Eiree · 1

I've played it and it was so good. I've never had so many cards in my hand. I almost mistook them as my other cards.

Nov 14, 2022 dscarpac · 574

Great deck. Just one comment, I don't believe Ancestral Knowledge works with Harvey's ability since you are not drawing the skill card from your deck.

Nov 15, 2022 lelel555 · 2586

@Eiree yes, I remember you drawing a card from your own hand (laid down on the table) to your draw deck xD That was pretty hilarious :D

@dscarpac - thank you for appreciation! And indeed, that ability won't trigger Harvey's . Thank you for pointing it out!

Dec 02, 2022 Chappykinz · 1

Thanks for providing this deck! Is this the starting deck? I see how In the Thick Of It provides 3 experience but where do you get the two additional experience from to start with 5?

Dec 02, 2022 lelel555 · 2586

@Chappykinz Instead of forewarned just put anything, like unexpected courage

Dec 17, 2022 tsunamic84 · 1

I see you have quite a few allies. How does that play? I know you have Charisma, but still with 6 is a lot of dead weight. Possibly the Blood-Rites make use of that. But I have made a Harvey deck (my 2nd time playing so by no means an expert) and with all the draw you have, I have reasoned for mine to pick closer to the number of slots I have since I am likely to draw everything each game. With the right resources, I should ideally just have them all out right? And have exactly what I want instead of picking between wanting Dr. Milan Christopher and Research Librarian (you get it). And with less allies of course you can pick more cards that you can make use of, especially in a deck you say will have a smaller hand because you're playing everything. What's your reasoning there? Again, I lack experience so I'm just curious!

Dec 18, 2022 lelel555 · 2586

@tsunamic84 they die :)

Jan 24, 2023 Nidhogg · 1

How do you legally put Deny Existence in this deck? It's a pure card and Harvey is only allowed (Lvl 0 - 5) and Neutral (Lvl 0 - 5) cards.

Jan 24, 2023 Nidhogg · 1

Found it. You use Versatile for that.