Gefallen. Dienst.

Cost: 2. XP: 1.


Schnell. Spiele diese Karte, sobald du eine Nicht-Schwäche-Verratskarte ziehst.

Hebe den Enthüllungseffekt jener Karte auf und ziehe die oberste Karte des Begegnungsdecks.

Sobald du Gegenspionage spielst, erhöhe die Kosten dieser Karte um 2: Ändere „des Begegnungsdecks” in „deines Decks”.

Sobald du Gegenspionage spielst, erhöhe die Kosten dieser Karte um 2: Ändere „du … ziehst” in „ein beliebiger Ermittler … zieht”.

Mark-Erwan Tarrisse
Am Rande der Welt (Ermittler-Erweiterung) #49.


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A new shiny toy for Big Money Rogue. Preston especially, who is very vulnerable to the encounter deck due to low stats, can make good use of this. I think you want to always pay 4 for the "your deck" change, since not having to deal with an encounter card entirely AND getting a free draw is definitely a huge step up from the regular effect. I don't think you usually use this on your fellow investigators unless something REALLY backbreaking to them gets pulled.

Cpt_nice · 76
A bit more restrictive than the other Service cards for Preston, since he can't use Family Inheritance to pay for this. So, not usable in Dark Horse Preston, but as you mentioned great for big money. — MiskatonicFrosh · 337
Right, unless he cheats the system. Shameless plug for my review on the next page. ;) — Susumu · 350

Q: When paying 6 to get both effects, does the other investigator get to draw from your deck or their own? The wording makes it sound like they'd get to draw from your deck. I wonder if with friends in low places or other affects which let you search the top of your deck, you could pass cards with this.

Malcoto · 3
It is his own deck. — Tharzax · 1
I don't think the other player draws anything... It's still the card player who will draw one of the cards, even if it's played on another player's encounter card. — Hylianpuffball · 26
As Hylianpuffball said, the first kicker effects the second sentence and the second kicker effects the first sentence. Neither interact in any way. Even if you cancel another investigator's encounter card revelation effect, you draw a card (whether from the top of the encounter deck or your own). — Death by Chocolate · 1388

A rare card to have for Rogue! Easy upgrade from Guts to make your deck more Rogue-like. I find I use the commit icons just as often as playing it, a flexible option to help other players beat the treachery other than the 4 cost if you happened to be at the same location. (Beat it entirely instead of drawing a new one.)

5argon · 8334
I've never played this for 2, only for 4 or 6, because the difference between drawing another encounter card and drawing another player card is so huge — Thatwasademo · 53
Good for Wendy to first commit, than play with her Amulet (if you have the resources). — Nenananas · 250
How does this work if you take the second reaction? Does the player of the card have to draw the replacement card? If you do both reactions who draws from who's deck? — brdanner · 4
@brdanner it is always the player playing this card who draws the card (whether it's from their personal deck or the encounter deck). — Nenananas · 250