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Calprinicus · 1542


Tommy Muldoon is pretty straight forward. You soak damage, deal with the enemies, and heal the team.


  • Very high damage output.
  • Lots of damage soak and team heals.
  • Lots of stat boosts.


  • Lots of actions spent playing allies & soaks.
  • Don't expect to find many clues.
  • Don't expect to evade enemies.
  • Resource Dependent.

Damage Dealing

The Trinity

This build is focused on high damage output. By using Bandolier, Shotgun, and Becky you are versatile on dealing lots of damage to a single target with #shotgun and use #becky to take care of the small stuff.

Finding Weapons

To find all three pieces I use Tetsuo Mori and Prepared for the Worst. Mulligan hard for a gun.

Stat Boosts

With two Charisma, you get 3 allies. If you have the Shotgun, fill them with 2x Beat Cop, Jessica Hyde. Paired with Ace of Swords you can boost your to 8! That's an 11 with each shotgun shot! Steadfast, Take the Initiative help boost the attack.

Bandolier, Brother Xavier, and Peter Sylvestre can also boost your to 6!


Venturer and Extra Ammunition keep the shotgun supplied. Becky refills herself with Tommy Muldoon ability.

Other Damage

Beat Cop and Brother Xavier also deal damage.


Return on Investment

I have played this deck alot and it really shines by playing cheap soak with a high return on investment. After an asset is defeated, If you can collect more resources than the initial cost you can build a larger soak pool. Leather Coat, Cherished Keepsake, and the mvp Madame Labranche are great examples. These help you build resources to play the expensive cards.

Team Soak

Brother Xavier, Tetsuo Mori, and Solemn Vow allow you to absorb horror & damage from your fellow investigators. Solemn Vow has an added bonus of transfering that damage & horror in passing after the damage was dealt.

Team Healing

When you have a team soak like Tetsuo Mori, your fellow investigators can use your Painkillers and Smoking Pipe to heal their damage and horror and give it to your allies. It should also be noted that Venturer can refill your Painkillers and Smoking Pipe!


Allies have long been proven to be the best bang for you buck in terms of soak. They often have useful abilities and normally cost 1 resource per soak. Taking 2 copies of Charisma is a no brainer and gives you 3 ally slots. With 10 allies, you shouldn't have issue filling them.


You will rely on your allies to help find clues. Unless you upgrade into Agency Backup, your best bet is to help on low shroud locations.


3xp - Charisma

3xp - Charisma

4xp - Baseball Bat -> Shotgun

1xp - Vicious Blow -> Extra Ammunition

1xp - Vicious Blow -> Extra Ammunition

1xp - Leather Coat -> Ace of Swords

2xp - Leather Coat -> Bandolier

1xp - Guard Dog -> Jessica Hyde

1xp - Guard Dog -> Jessica Hyde

2xp - Beat Cop -> Beat Cop

2xp - Beat Cop -> Beat Cop

2xp - Madame Labranche -> Peter Sylvestre

1xp - Madame Labranche -> Brother Xavier

Extra. If you're playing a high XP campaign I suggest the following:

5xp Madame Labranche -> Agency Backup

5xp Madame Labranche -> Agency Backup

3xp - Emergency Cache -> Emergency Cache

3xp - Emergency Cache -> Emergency Cache

Standalone 9xp

3xp - Charisma

4xp - Shotgun

1xp - Extra Ammunition

1xp - Extra Ammunition


Feb 10, 2020 Schwaig · 30

Can you explain how fellow Investigators can use Tommys Painkillers or Smoking Pipe? According to my understanding of the rules that is not possible...

Feb 10, 2020 Calprinicus · 1542

Your understanding of the rules is correct.

This was suppose to mention solemn vow. Which allows teammates to transfer damage damage to you and Smoking Pipe and Painkillers to shift that damage around.

All my perfected decks will be updated one dream-eaters completes.

Feb 10, 2020 Schwaig · 30

I see, that you for the clarification.

Feb 11, 2020 Faranim · 246

What do you think about using The Red-Gloved Man and A Chance Encounter to recur him? I found it to be really powerful in Tommy since if you can kill RGM he refunds 4-8 resources and shuffles back into your deck.

I wasn’t that big on either Jessica Hyde or Peter Sylvestre since they are very susceptible to Rookie Mistake. I found it better to just use disposable Allies like Guard Dog and Brother Xavier to reload Becky and deal testless damage to things.

Feb 11, 2020 Calprinicus · 1542

@Faranim Oh. I have to give this a try! I skipped over The Red-Gloved Man since Tommy stats were already decent and unless you deal all 4 health / sanity he is discarded instead of shuffled. But I definitely see the benefit of scoring 4-8 reaources from him. A Chance Encounter is ok, but only for RGM, since your other allies won't make it to your discard pile unless they die from Rookie Mistake.

I might need to try this and also run Resourceful to pull the A Chance Encounter back to my hand.

I disagree about Jessica Hyde the stat boost with Shotgun is vital! Also i think her passive healing avoids death from Rookie Mistake. In my newer builds, I don't run Peter Sylvestre and instead run two copies of Smoking Pipe since she allows you to heal horror or damage.

Feb 13, 2020 Mcpunchababy · 28

Have you considered Ever Vigilant to help with the Con of having to spend lots of actions playing assets?

Feb 13, 2020 Calprinicus · 1542

@Mcpunchababy YES! Just played with the card for the last two sessions. It's so incredibly good in Tommy who has a bunch of assets in his hand and no time to play them.

All my "perfected" decks will updated after the current Dream-eaters cycle. Ever Vigilant will definately be included.

Feb 16, 2020 Jermz238 · 1

out on shotgun. low ammo, unreliable. Your deck seems to require massive draw luck as you have minimum draw engines in this deck. In my experience even with the 0 cost soaks giving money back the resource generation is really inconsistent and I've just as often trapped with 0 resources and assets in hand as I've been flush with cash.

If you play 4p a lot I can see the tank build working great, but with fewer players this doesnt look remotely reliable enough to pull weight. just my $0.02